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RNLI Whitesands lifeguards assist fisherman after 10ft fall onto rocks

Wednesday afternoon (5th August) saw RNLI lifeguards respond to reports of a man injured after falling onto rocks whilst fishing. Lifeguards from Whitesands beach secured the casualty and helped prepare him for transport via the air ambulance.

After being alerted by distress cries by members of the public along Whitesands beach and Rams Nose headland, RNLI lifeguards rushed to respond to the casualty with lifeguard Margot Lawrence paddling around the headline on a rescue board. A second lifeguard Jake Rogers ran along the coastal path with the trauma bag where he met off duty lifeguard Jago Sime who accompanied him to the scene of the incident.

Upon arriving at the scene, the lifeguards discovered that a man had fallen 10 feet onto rocks and then into the water below whilst fishing. The casualty had then been helped via a paddleboard by the public out of the water when the lifeguards arrived and began administrating first aid.

Having assessed the casualty, the lifeguards contacted Senior Lifeguard Noah Harvett to coordinate with the coastguard to request medical evacuation via helicopter. St David’s lifeboat was also tasked to respond and helped administer medical care before the casualty was airlifted to Cardiff Heath hospital for further treatment.

Lifeguard Jake Rogers, who was second to arrive at the scene, said:

‘We were alerted to the incident by members of the public shouting from the headland. Margot headed around to the scene by paddling on the rescue board and I headed over via the coastal path with the trauma bag. Once we arrived, we saw that some members of the public had managed to get the casualty out of the water after he’d fallen onto rocks whilst fishing.

We were able to stabilise administer first aid and stabilise the casualty whilst we waited for the air ambulance. When the air ambulance did arrive, the paramedic winched down and we helped to prepare the casualty for transport to Cardiff. Thanks to the quick reactions of members of the public, we were able to respond as quickly.

If you spot someone in trouble along the coast, either alert a lifeguard as quickly as possible or dial 999 and ask for coastguard.’

photo: RNLI/Whitesands Lifeguards

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