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Rock Choir among first to be allowed to rehearse indoors

WELSH Rock Choir Members are some of the first amateur choir Members in the UK to be allowed to regroup back ‘inside’ for their singing rehearsals.

Rock Choir Members in Wales have been delighted to be able to resume physical choir rehearsals inside thanks to Welsh Government guidelines which differ from English rules.

It’s been a long 16 months, since Rock Choir had to switch to online, virtual teaching sessions via Zoom and YouTube. The Members also known as ‘Rockies’ have been keeping their spirits up by getting involved in not only their teaching sessions but online charity events and social events including baking, fancy dress, quizzes and much more.

The Welsh Rockies make up one region of Rock Choir which is taught in over 400 communities across England, Wales and Scotland, with over 33,000 Members. Each area of the country has different guidelines on their approach to indoor choir rehearsals. To the delight of the Welsh Rockies, indoor rehearsals have been able to resume, whilst the rest of the country wait in anticipation for restrictions to be lifted in July.

After leading his first ‘in person’ session with his Rockies in Llanelli, Rock Choir Leader Dan Rogers commented:

“It was the most amazing, heart-warming, empowering moment hearing Llanelli sing together for the first time in over a year! The Members who have been able to stay with us have worked so hard and it showed. It was made even better by being able to welcome our suspended Members back with us! We loved every minute and they most definitely did ‘Shine’.

Welsh Rockies in Llanelli, Mumbles, Carmarthen, Neath and Swansea have all been overjoyed to reform together again.

Rock Choir Member, Alexandra Marchant commented:

“It gave us tingles to hear each other again as we sang last night. So proud to be in Dan’s wonderful choir gang. Thank you Rock Choir for keeping us uplifted during a hard time.”

Caroline Redman Lusher, Creator and Creative Director of Rock Choir has been highlighting the importance of group singing and the powerful positive impact it has on mental health and wellbeing. Caroline Comments:

“I am so pleased our Welsh Rockies have been allowed to regroup and sing together inside once again. They have been giving the remainder of the 33,000 Rockies across England and Scotland hope that it will be their turn soon. The nation’s mental health is at its worst and the services and support to combat loneliness, depression and anxiety are in huge demand and oversubscribed. Allowing choirs to reunite across the whole of the UK will have a tremendous and positive impact and allow a healing process to begin for those who take part. Choirs of all types provide a life-line and this life-line needs to be reinstated as soon as possible.”

Rock Choir are now preparing the rest of their Members across the country to go back to physical rehearsals, it’s guaranteed to be an emotional reunion!



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