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Royal Glamorgan Hospital Campaign is Victory for People Power claims Rhondda MS

REACTING to the news that plans to retain consultant-led A&E services at the Royal Glamorgan have been endorsed, Rhondda MS Leanne Wood said:

“I want to thank the health board members for endorsing the recommendations of the report to retain 24 hour consultant-led A&E services. This is tremendous news for the Rhondda. Reducing A&E services for our communities was unthinkable – people would have been left without emergency cover within a reasonable distance for significant periods of time.

“I was not prepared to accept that – nor were the Plaid Cymru councillors and the many thousands of people from across the Rhondda who fought the plans with passion, determination and energy. We had the moral case to retain services and we had the logical case to retain those services. The coronavirus pandemic only strengthened our argument that we needed more hospital capacity, not less.”

Ms Wood added:

“This a big victory for people power. I hope this now gives the Labour Government pause for thought regarding their hospital centralisation agenda. Until they renounce this obsession, we must be ready to resurrect the campaign to save A&E services at the Royal Glamorgan at a moment’s notice.”

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