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THREE Ceredigion schools will learn their fate on Friday (May 24), and it looks likely to be bad news.

Beulah, Trewen and Cilcennin schools have been under threat of closure for some time and following consultation they remain recommended to be shut by Ceredigion County Council.

A special meeting of full council will be held at Penmorfa, Aberaeron at 2pm. It will also be webcast.

Despite local objections the three schools will not reopen for the next school year in September.

Falling pupil numbers and increasing costs are the reasons given for closure.

The cost per pupil at Beulah Community Primary School was £7,607 against a county average of £3,761 with projected savings of £75,978 a year, taking into account estimated transport costs of £14,155.

There are currently 15 pupils at the school.

A report adds that there are “sufficient places at the alternative school of Cenarth Community Primary School to accommodate all pupils.”

Trewen Community Primary School’s eight pupils will also be sent to Cenarth with an annual saving of £70,480 predicted, £93,635 less estimated transport costs of £14,155.

The cost per pupil based on numbers for 2018 was £8,480.

When Cilcennin Community Primary School closes a report to council states that there will be savings of £102,678 but transport costs will cost £34,200.

Pupils will go to either Dihewyd Community Primary School and Felinfach Community Primary School. There are currently seven pupils.

Statutory consultation on plans to discontinue the schools was agreed in July 2018 and a statutory notice for objections issued in December, with the results present to cabinet members in March.

On Friday, May 24 a 2pm Ceredigion special council will be held, with final decisions on closing Cllicennin, Beulah and Trewen schools. All are recommended to be closed despite objections.

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