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Scoping exercise into whether alcohol ban will improve antisocial behaviour in Haverfordwest

WHETHER imposing an alcohol exclusion zone in Haverfordwest is required to reduce antisocial behaviour in the town centre will be examined.

A scoping exercise will be started “at pace” to see if there is a need to consider making a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in the town centre incorporating Picton Playing Fields and the skatepark following a Notice of Motion put by all Haverfordwest’s county councillors.

The motion was discussed at March’s policy and pre-decision overview and scrutiny committee and was referred to the council to allow for the time limit on making a final determination to be lifted so that the process of scoping options can be carried out.

Cllr Tom Tudor told the meeting on May 13 that since the motion had been made the situation had “deteriorated” and antisocial behaviour had increased in Haverfordwest, with 14 or 15 issues in the last month.

He also asked that an update on improving youth provision in the town be provided.

Cllr David Bryan added that a PSB was a “vital tool in the armoury of defeating anti-social behaviour.”

Council voted in favour of beginning the scoping exercise, which cabinet member for the environment Cllr Cris Tomos said “after today it will move at pace” before it is brought back to scrutiny and then full council.

Cllr Jonathan Preston added that

“the root problem needs to be addressed” and more opportunities for young people to do more than “walking around  the streets looking for somewhere to go and something to do.”

Whether similar schemes would be suitable in Tenby and other areas was raised by Cllr Michael Williams, highlighting recent alcohol-related problems in Tenby harbour.

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