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AT corporate overview and scrutiny committee on Thursday (Sep 12) a motion calling for the council to back fairer transitional arrangements for the rise in women’s pension age was debated.

Cllr Tom Tudor has raised the issue of changes to state pension arrangements previously, and has supported the WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) campaign.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet debated the motion in 2017 where it was recommended it not be adopted.

Cllr Tudor said there were around 3,800 women affected in Pembrokeshire and the campaign was not about the increase in age, as it is “widely accepted that women and men should retire at the same age” but the lack of warning to prepare.

Cllr Michael John backed Cllr Tudor’s notice of motion and said: “It’s not about equality it’s about fairness.

“I think this is a county wide issue for all women and the council should write and represent them as we are here to do.”

Another national campaign #Backto60 has succeeded in a Judicial Review bid with the outcome awaited.

There was further support for calling on the Government to provide fair transitional arrangements from Cllr Michael Williams, who a reiterated “it’s about fairness.”

“It doesn’t cost us anything, we should make our voices heard on this, it’s grossly unfair,” he added.

Breaking from his usual stance of not getting involved with “political matters outside out control” Cllr Jacob Williams also backed the motion due to the impact on council employees.

Cllr Tudor’s motion was referred to full council with the all-male committee recommendation of support.

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