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Shar-Pei’s Keeco and Lola still on the look for their forever homes

They have stolen the hearts of RSPCA staff – but sadly Keeco and Lola are still awaiting for their forever homes.

The sisters – who are around seven-years-old – arrived at RSPCA Newport Animal Centre with sore skin and hair loss after they were signed over to the RSPCA at the end of February.

Sadly their previous owner was not able to cope with their specific needs, leaving them with very sore skin and a lot of fur loss. But in RSPCA care they have been transformed.


Despite being loved by everyone they meet, they have not found a home. It has now been decided to try and find a home individually in the hope they can both find their second chance of happiness sooner.

Hayley Moorey, the centre’s behaviour and welfare advisor, said: “Sadly it has proved challenging finding a home for them both together, so we think it is in their best interests to find a home for them separately.”


At the centre the duo received around four months of treatment as they both had severe alopecia, untreated sores, sore skin inside their folds and were scratching almost constantly which made them themselves bleed again.

Hayley said: “They were both put on Prednidale and treated with Malaseb baths, which started with every other day but is now twice a week.

“They saw the vet every other week during their treatment, so the vet could keep an eye on their progress. They were finally ready for rehoming in the middle of June, so it has been a long road for them!

“It is just heartbreaking that they are still at the centre. We know how amazing they are, and just can’t wait to see them get their forever homes.”

Keeco and Lola can still be rehomed together – but options for them to rehomed individually are being looked at too.

“They are so loving and have such quirky personalities,” said Hayley. “They love nothing more than giving and receiving cuddles from the staff.”

“Keeco is more playful, whereas Lola likes a fuss and a head rub. They can be a little nervous of new people at first but once they get that bond they are super fun and affectionate.”


Keeco and Lola are looking for adult-only homes and are looking for owners who have had experience with the Shar-Pei breed.

They would also like to be the only pets in the home and have someone who is home most of the time. If you are interested in adopting these delightful duo together or individually please complete an Online Application Form or you can speak to the centre directly.

This month is Adoptober, the RSPCA’s rehoming drive promoting adoption and encouraging people to adopt and not shop. Sadly it comes at a time when the charity is braced for an animal rescue crisis as more pets come into its care while less people are considering taking on a new pet due to the rocketing cost of living.


At the same time, more animals arrived in the charity’s care and the average length of stay increased, resulting in long waiting lists for spaces in rehoming centres.

The charity is urging people who can commit to the lifelong responsibility of a pet to consider rescuing instead of buying, and is also asking the public to help them rescue more animals by donating online.

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