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SOME public toilets in Cardiff have now reopened and are being cleaned regularly throughout the day.

The toilets reopening are in Victoria Park in Canton, Roath Park Pleasure Gardens, Roath Park Lake, and the Barrage.

Council workers will clean the toilets regularly and social distancing measures will be in place.

A Cardiff council spokesman said:

“Council-operated toilets in Victoria Park, Roath Park Pleasure Gardens and at Roath Park Lake, as well as those at the Barrage, have reopened with regular cleaning regimes and social distancing measures in place to ensure public safety.”

The toilets had been closed due to the current coronavirus lockdown.

The news was welcomed by Liberal Democrat councillors, who had pushed last month for public toilets to reopen. They were then told it would be unsafe due to toilets being “small, enclosed spaces”.

Councillor Rodney Berman said:

“We welcome the news that Cardiff council has finally seen sense and reopened some of our public toilets, something Liberal Democrat councillors had been calling for.

“Only last month they claimed it wasn’t possible and yet other parts of Wales have managed to make toilets Covid-safe.

“Closing toilets discriminates against people due to their age or health condition, making it harder for some to take their daily exercise or go on long walks.

“It can also take away people’s basic human dignity so I’m glad the council has now had a rethink. I’m sure it will be a relief all round!”

On social media, people welcomed the toilets reopening but called on the council to also open public toilets at the Bay and Bute Park.

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