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THE Easter holidays have brought plenty of activity to Castle Square in Swansea, from visitors milling back and forth to activists leafleting for their cause.

This Saturday (Apr 20) Elysium joined the rush, parking their mobile gallery for virtual mapping (11am-3pm) with gallery volunteer Lucy and welsh artist James Moore.

Along with the realistic painted landscapes they pinned to the bright blue trailer, a crafts table was set up with markers, crayons and chalk. A thick roll of artist’s paper sat waiting for their first visitor.

Elysium Gallery has hosted this public event before as well as Life Drawing classes and a steady rotation of exhibitions by recognisable and upcoming artists alike. They hope to encourage people of all ages to take part and indulge their creative side, and offer tea and coffee in the gallery afterwards.

The paintings, a series titled The Penultimate Truth, build on a long-running theme in Moore’s work – ‘an exploration of the increasingly virtual and fictional nature of our visual culture and the use of painting to distill the latent aesthetics and meanings that we place in representations of nature’ – and reflects iconic landscapes in art history through the perspective of Google Earth and Google Maps.

For all who came and took a seat at the table, it was a free art session, some lovely conversation and the chance to learn more about the work of both artist and gallery.

The exhibition continues until Saturday, 11th May, at Elysium Gallery at 210 High Street, SA1 1PE in Swansea.

For further information visit www.elysiumgallery.com, or email info@elysiumgallery.com.

For more information about James Moore and his work, visit www.jamescmoore.org


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