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Young men and women fought on the ground and swung crutches at one another during a brawl at Swansea’s Castle Square.

The fight kicked off on the raised grassy area following heated exchanges at around 2.30pm on Friday (May 31).


The fracas continued for nearly five minutes before police arrived.

One of those involved was issued with a dispersal notice to leave the area.

Passersby stared in disbelief or gave the grassy area a wide berth as the fight kept flaring up.

While some of the blows with the crutches appeared to find their target nobody appeared to be badly hurt.

Towards the end of the fight one of the women advised her opponents in colourful terms that they should not have started something they could not finish.

A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said: “We were called at about 2.35pm to reports of a fight at Castle Square.

“Upon arrival a group was spoken to by officers but no injuries were present and no complaints were made.

“One man was issued with a Section 35 dispersal notice to leave the area.”

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