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St Davids RNLI volunteer crew rescue three stand up paddle boarders

St Davids RNLI volunteer crew were paged at 2:17pm on Wednesday 31st August after a series of 999 calls concerned for the welfare of three stand-up paddle boarders blown out to sea off Caerfai Bay.

Calls were made to HM Coastguard by both onlookers and the casualties themselves.

The charity’s all-weather Tamar class lifeboat, Norah Wortley, launched shortly after and made best speed to the location.

The casualties were swiftly located using binoculars and were already three quarters of a mile offshore.

Pic. Paul James

Once safely aboard the lifeboat, the casualties were returned to their launch point at Caerfai beach using our daughter boat. They were greeted by St Davids Coastguard Rescue Team who provided assistance once ashore.

Will Chant, RNLI Coxswain for St Davids RNLI lifeboat, says: ‘Thankfully the casualties each had their own mobile devices protected in waterproof cases which enabled them to make the vital call for help. By remaining together on their stand-up paddle boards, they ensured we were able to locate and rescue them swiftly. If you’re heading to sea, check the forecast local weather conditions and always carry a means of calling for help.’



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