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Support for Afghanistan from Wales ‘it is important local authorities play their part’

LOCAL authorities in west Wales are discussing how to ‘play their part’ in supporting people fleeing Afghanistan as the dangerous situation there escalates.

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) said yesterday (August 17) that it was important local authorities played their part’ in rehoming refugees with Wales a ‘nation of sanctuary.’

Pembrokeshire County Council said today (Wednesday, August 18) that it will be proactive in its approach to supporting people, but placements had not yet been determined.

A spokesman said: “Pembrokeshire County Council will engage and collaborate with Local Authority colleagues and Welsh Government to provide support to Afghan people impacted by the current situation in Afghanistan.

The Council will be proactive in its approach but a set number of placements has yet to be determined.”

In Ceredigion discussions are also underway with the county council “urgently considering the options available.”

A spokesman added: “In view of the speed and impact of recent events in Afghanistan, Ceredigion County Council is urgently considering the options available and is in contact with the UKG officials.”

The leader of the WLGA Andrew Morgan said he and other senior councillors from across the UK discussed with UK government ministers on Monday night “how we give sanctuary to the Afghan interpreters and their families”.

He said: “If we all sign up to this, we’re talking less than a handful of families actually per local authority area, so the numbers are actually very, very small.

“The alternative is that these people, quite frankly, could be persecuted in the next couple of weeks if we don’t help them.”

The BBC has reported that by yesterday, homes for at least 21 families had been offered by council in Wales.

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