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Survey to more understand impact of Covid-19 on residents

CARMARTHENSHIRE’S Test, Trace, Protect team are carrying out a survey to understand the impact Covid-19 has had on Carmarthenshire residents.

The team wants to gather information on how people have been managing and feeling throughout the pandemic and how Covid-19 has impacted their lives.

The information will help to understand the needs of the people of Carmarthenshire as the council plans services in the future.

Residents will be telephoned and asked if they are willing to participate in a short survey which should take 10 minutes maximum (generally about 5 minutes). The survey is voluntary and if they decline, they will not be contacted again.

If an individual does not answer the call, the caller will retry but no more than twice.

Residents will be asked questions about the impact contracting Covid-19 had on the individual both at the time and long term, returning to work (where applicable), any support from external agencies they may have needed, if they have received the vaccine and any challenges associated with Covid-19 such as job loss and mental health. If a resident does not feel comfortable answering a question they do not have to.

If an individual requests information on any of the issues raised within the call, the team can sign post them to appropriate services. These details can be provided during the phone call or via email following the call.

To confirm legitimacy the team are happy to send an email to an individual from the Carmarthenshire employee email address. Alternatively, the resident can phone the council and ask to be put through to someone on the Test Trace Protect Team who can verify that the caller is genuine.



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