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SWANSEA East remains a Labour stronghold as incumbent Carolyn Harris was swept again to power.

She received 17,405 votes, nearly double second-placed Denise Howard, for the Conservatives, who had 9,435 votes.

Mrs Harris said she had stood for election more times in the last three years than she had visited the dentist.

“I am from Swansea East,” she said. “I don’t need to find out what the problems are, because I have lived the problems, and everything I have done since becoming an MP has been about helping the people of Swansea East.”

Her constituents, she said, were “working class, good people who deserved better”.

She thanked her supporters, and also the police who had “a tough job” helping politicians like her.

Ms Howard was absent from the platform when the results were delivered.

Third was Tony Willicombe, of the Brexit Party, with 2,842 votes; fourth was Plaid’s Geraint Havard with 1,905 votes; fifth Chloe Hutchinson of the Lib-Dems, with 1,409 votes; and sixth the Green Party’s Chris Evans with 583 votes.

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