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Swansea electric bike project needs last minute push to meet funding target

ONE of Swansea’s hilliest neighbourhoods could get its own electric bike, trike and storage shelter.

But time is ticking for the Mount Pleasant community project as a fundraising target of £14,682 has to be met by December 14 and, according to organiser Leonie Ramondt, £2,194 is still needed. The eight-berth storage shelter would be located on two unused Coastal Housing resident bays on Montpelier Terrace, and have its own charging point.

Keen cyclist Leonie is driving forward the project – known as Hub on the Hill – because of the steep streets, challenges facing older residents and lack of lockable storage. Also, she would like to get out and about on an electric bike or trike with her her partner, who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident.

The couple have lived in Mount Pleasant for four years.
The idea is that if the project hits its funding  target, people using the shelter and the bike and trike would create a terms and conditions agreement, with a system regarding their use and care.

People with their own bikes but without decent storage space of their own would also be able to use the shelter for a small fee.
“I think that bikes are really important,” said Leonie. “They can change your well-being.
“Once people go out exploring, it brings them back to life.”

Uplands councillors Mary Sherwood and Nick Davies have contributed £1,000 each from their community budgets and said they would also match the next £1,000 raised.
Swansea Council has contributed £5,000, with Coastal Housing also chipping in more than £2,000.

Photo credit: Creative Commons/Jaggery

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