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The trend of increasing temporary event notices is likely to continue as people explore new options for weddings, parties and events in Ceredigion.

Temporary event notices (TEN) are issued by licensing authorities for one off events and in Ceredigion it costs just £28 to apply.

Members of Ceredigion County Council’s licensing committee received updates this week on the licensable activities taking place in the area since its last meeting, including taxi driver hearings, licence hearings and applications of TENs.

Over the summer there was an increase in the number of TENs issued with 128 received between June and August which is “combination” of a return to normal after covid and a trend of more small music events, weddings in non-traditional venues, and village fetes and shows, the committee heard.

Licensing officer Gareth Rees said that people’s awareness of TENs was increasing and they were “looking outside the box at what they can arrange for various events.”

Committee chairman Cllr Euros Davies agreed, adding that many people were choosing to hold their weddings on their farms or land, and even travelling from out of county because of higher costs in urban areas.

Discussions of the Eisteddfod highlighted a need for improved toilet facilities and disabled access at future events, which would be passed to the organisers.

Members also heard that a “debrief” had already been held and issues had already been identified for improvement.

The update reports noted two sub-committee hearings, one for extended hours at The Saddler’s Arms, Cardigan which was granted and one for a personal licence application which was refused because the applicant had been convicted of drink-driving earlier this year.

It adds that increased taxi charges, discussed earlier in the year, have now been introduced and one taxi driver hearing was held at Magistrates’ Court where a driver appealed a decision to revoke his taxi licence, and it was overturned.

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