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Thatcher statue daubed with communist symbols

In what some people are claiming to be a sick and inappropriate act of vandalism a statue of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been splattered with red paint and daubed with communist symbols. 

The statue which remains behind security fencing has been egged and urinated on and now another act of vandalism targeting the statue will come as a blow to those who supported its placement in Grantham. Red paint now covers the statue while security fencing and tarpaulin has the communist hammer and sickle symbol also sprayed on in red.

Local photographer Peter Tully who took the photos said: “I have been monitoring the statue for some time now and I guess it was inevitable that it would be targeted. people have come here from across the U.K. some have expressed their incredulity that it has been placed here while others saw it as a fitting tribute.”

The statue was targeted at night despite there being CCTV present.  

Peter said: People in Grantham appear split 50/50 regarding the statue. Some said, ‘what a shame she was a good PM’ while others said ‘ about time that someone vandalised the monstrous woman’. Some people were reluctant to talk.”

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© Peter A Tully
©Peter A Tully


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