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THREE more businesses in Rhondda Cynon Taf have been handed improvement notices by the council for not complying with coronavirus regulations.

Lidl on Gadlys Road in Aberdare, Farmfoods on Riverside Retail Park in Aberdare and the Londis Gelli Store on Gelli Road in Gelli were all given 48 hours to address the issues identified by council officers.

The notice for Lidl from January 26 said that there were inadequate demarcation lines outside the store for social distancing while queuing for entry with customers seen queueing within two metres of each other.

For Farmfoods, the notice from January 28 said there was no customer flow system in place with eight customers seen to be within two metres of each other because the first aisle was congested.

It also said customers were seen not socially distancing in the till area and the store placed items like soft drinks and washing detergent on pallets at the end of aisles causing pinch points meaning customers could not safely pass each other.

The Gelli Store notice said that on January 28, the officer saw that there was no sanitiser available for cleaning the baskets and that hand sanitiser was available but by the counter and not by the entrance so it would be difficult to locate on entry.

It also said two-metre social distancing signs were deemed inadequate as they were only displayed at the entrance and with three small floor markings by the till area.

And it said there were insufficient measures for limiting the numbers of customers in the store and the shop manager, although he was not on duty, was not wearing a face covering.

Lidl, Farmfoods and Londis have been contacted for comment.

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