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“Time to refocus on saving lives” says Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price as essential goods row continues

PLAID Cymru Leader Adam Price has said it is time to focus again on the bigger picture of “saving lives” as the row over banning the sale of non-essential items in supermarkets continues.

Mr Price also called for “humility” from the Welsh Government to admit they have “made a complete mess of the messaging” around the ban and should have had the conversations with the retail sector earlier.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price MS said,

“The important thing for the Welsh Government to acknowledge is that they have made a complete mess of the messaging. Humility is important in admitting that you have got it wrong. They should have focused very clearly and very simply on the public health message.

“The objective of closing non-essential retail for this period is to try to limit the number of contacts so they can limit the number of infections – and that’s somehow got completely lost in the messaging which has then eroded public trust over the weekend.

“There are families across Wales that are mourning today because they’ve lost lives. The Fire Break is here to save hundreds and hundreds of lives. We lost sight of that over the weekend and we’ve got to refocus on it now.

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