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A proposal to commemorate Pembrokeshire Coast National Park’s 70th birthday with a tree planting scheme has been given unanimous support.

Cllr Reg Owens proposed that in commemoration of the National Park’s designation at least 70 trees should be planted in each park community in consultation with local councils and residents.

“It would also be an opportunity to involve schools and our youth members in tree planting thereby providing a spin-off in relation to conservation education and objectives which are already of great interest to the younger generation,” said Cllr Owens.

A report to the park’s authority meeting on Wednesday, November 3, indicated that providing the 49 community council with 70 whips – one year old single stem saplings – would cost around £12,000.

Ranger service manager Libby Taylor added that some communities may prefer fruit or other types of trees which would be more expensive but there would be flexibility in the scheme both in terms of tree type and planting over time.

A three year period is suggested to allow for work load for the five rangers available to do the work.

There was “whole hearted” support for the plan with the timeliness of the proposal during COP 26 and the focus on climate change highlighted.

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