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TWO shops on Newport’s Commercial Road could be closed after failing to abide by coronavirus regulations.

Sweet shop Candyland and convenience store Clare Food Store have each been hit with an improvement notice.

Both stores were visited on January 26 by a member of Newport City Council’s enforcement team.

Upon inspection, Candyland was found to have a lack of signage telling customers to use face coverings and social distance.

The sweet shop was also found to have insufficient floor markings on the premises for social distancing. No hand sanitiser was available for customer use and no screen or barrier was at the till area.

Clare Food Store also failed to display signage encouraging customers to wear face coverings and there was no screen or barrier at the till.

When visited, the enforcement officer found that staff were not wearing face coverings, or were wearing them incorrectly.

Both stores were given 48 hours to make the necessary changes.

They will then face a further inspection after the 48 hours is up to determine whether the improvement notice is dropped, or further action is necessary.

Newport council has the option to issue a closure notice if the venue fails to comply with rules after being issued with an improvement notice.

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