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FOR the first time in 30 years, Gwynedd Council will be building high quality modern homes for people of the county to buy or rent.

Through the ‘Tŷ Gwynedd’ scheme, the Council has set an ambition to build 100 new homes in communities across the county over the coming years. The ambitious scheme will offer intermediate affordable homes to the many local people who are unable to buy or rent a house on the open market and who do not qualify for social housing.

With work progressing on plans, Gwynedd Council is urging anyone who thinks the scheme might be suitable for them to register their interest by visiting www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/ty-gwynedd.

Councillor Craig ab Iago, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

“Our aim by investing in the Gwynedd Housing Action Plan is to ensure that local people have access to suitable, green and affordable housing in their communities.

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“The plain fact is that we are in a housing crisis that is jeopardising the future of Gwynedd communities. It’s a situation where local people are priced out of the market – and we as a Council are determined to change this.

“That’s why we’re taking this positive step of building our own new homes that will offer Gwynedd families a home for life. Not only does it demonstrate our vision for vibrant communities for the future, but more importantly we are putting that commitment into practice.

“Through the innovative ‘Tŷ Gwynedd’ scheme, the Council will seek to make a real difference in the local housing market by building quality modern houses that will provide homes for the people of Gwynedd across the county.

“’Tŷ Gwynedd’ will offer an energy-efficient home that is affordable to maintain in the future on the basis of shared-equity or affordable rent. The houses will be designed in a manner that can be adapted – as people’s or family circumstances change, ‘Tŷ Gwynedd’ will offer options to adapt as the household’s needs change.

“I looking forward to sharing details about the first ‘Tŷ Gwynedd’ developments over the coming weeks.

“All the information that people submit when they register an interest will help us plan where the need is and for what type of housing.”

Gwynedd Council will be publishing details of the first ‘Tŷ Gwynedd’ developments over the coming weeks, with details being promoted on the Council’s social media pages.


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