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THREE new Neighbourhood Watch schemes have recently been introduced to areas of Tyisha with support from Carmarthenshire County Council.

The Neighbourhood Watch schemes are now looking for volunteers to help make them a success through helping to increase feelings of community safety and reducing instances of crime.

Joining the Neighbourhood Watch involves communicating with the Watch’s coordinators to report or receive information on suspicious activity in the area.

Cllr Linda Evans, Chair of the Tyisha community steering group, said: “The new Neighbourhood Watch schemes will help to strengthen the community as well as increasing neighbourhood awareness within the Tyisha.

“Volunteers who join the Neighbourhood Watch will receive support from Carmarthenshire Council’s community wardens and PCSOs from Dyfed-Powys Police. The watch will help to monitor issues including anti-social behaviour and fly tipping to make a sustainable and positive difference to the area. I look forward to seeing the positive impact the Neighbourhood Watch has on the community as it grows.”

For more information on joining the Neighbourhood Watch or for advice on how to set up a watch in your area please e-mail tyisha@carmarthenshire.gov.uk


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