April 23, 2021

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UK and Welsh Government must provide support to BA workers facing job loss as a matter of urgency says Helen Mary Jones MS

IN response to the news that 1,000 BA jobs in Wales are on the line, Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Economy, Tackling Poverty & Transport, Helen Mary Jones, has called for the Westminster and the devolved Welsh Government to step up and prioritise support for workers when responding to the struggles the airline industry are facing.

Ms Jones expressed her sympathy for the workers facing job losses and their families, and that this news was “deeply concerning”. Ms Jones added that means of support for these workers need to be thought through, and that further questions need to be asked about ‘Covid-proofing’ companies.

Helen Mary Jones MS said,

“The news that 1,000 employees of BA in Wales are at risk of losing their jobs is deeply concerning, and my thoughts are with the workers at what must be a very distressing time for them. This period can be difficult in the best of circumstances, so I really sympathise with these individuals and their families.

“The UK and Welsh Governments must respond to this news by protecting these workers, it is no fault of theirs that their jobs are on the line. Just like in any other industries, support for workers who are at risk needs to be the priority for the airline industry; and further questions need to be asked around ‘Covid-proofing’ companies.

“This threat of a large scale loss of jobs in Wales illustrates the benefit of establishing an emergency universal basic income, which Plaid Cymru has long called for.

“There needs to be a safety net in place as a matter of urgency for these workers, others like them, and for those who are slipping through the cracks when it comes to support.”

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