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Union shows ‘true grit’ in ballot for strike action

UNISON have balloted members on a dispute with Carmarthenshire County Council over payment for winter gritting of roads in the county.

Mark Evans of UNISON said: “Our branch had every confidence in  our members that they would vote to take industrial action due to the strength of the  feeling of being undervalued by the Plaid led Carmarthenshire County Council for the hard and dangerous work that they do in  keeping the public safe on the highways and byways of Carmarthenshire. Our members have sent a clear message to the council of what they thought about the council’s ‘final offer’ and that the council should stop providing this statutory service on the cheap and pay significantly more in retainer payments to employees carrying out winter gritting. Representatives of all the unions Unison, GMB and Unite will be meeting shortly to plan out the action we will be taking to encourage the employer to significantly increase its’ final offer’.

Unison ballot

Turnout 84.2%

Number voting yes to strike action and action short of strike action 100%

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