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Unite to Remain pact: “Voters denied choice by rotten electoral system”

POLLS by the Electoral Reform Society Cymru show voters largely oppose parties having to stand aside for each other in deals like the Unite to Remain pact.

Commenting on the ‘Unite to Remain’ deal announced Thursday, (Nov, 7) which will see parties stand aside for each other in around 60 seats, Jess Blair, Director of Electoral Reform Society Cymru (Wales) and spokesperson for the ERS, said:

“Parties are feeling forced to game a voting system that fails to reflect the diversity of politics in 2019.

“It’s voters who will lose out due to the to the unfair First Past the Post system, where all votes not cast for the one winner go to waste. This forces people to hold their nose and vote ‘tactically’, while parties make deals between themselves on where to stand.

“It’s an inevitable tragedy that in this crucial election voters are being denied choice under Westminster’s winner-takes-all set up.

“Thankfully all the parties involved recognise the need to reform the system and give voters fair results. Proportional representation is long overdue, so we call on all parties to work together after the election to secure this vital political reform.”

The Brexit Party also support a shift to proportional representation.

Recent research for the ERS showed one in four people say they will vote ‘tactically’ this election – up from one in five in 2017.

A quarter of seats in Wales will be affected by the ‘Unite to Remain’ pact.

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