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VALE of Glamorgan council has promised to provide accommodation for refugees from Afghanistan following the fall of Kabul earlier this week.

Many refugees are expected to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban took back control of the capital.

Mark Drakeford said the Welsh Government is working with the Home Office and local councils to prepare support for refugees.

A Vale council spokesman said details are still being worked out but the council will provide homes for those fleeing the country. The number of homes are “still being finalised”.

The spokesman said: “Vale of Glamorgan council shares the international community’s shock at the devastation caused by the fall of the Afghan government.

“We have a very proud history of supporting those in need of our help, through our participation in both the former Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme and the current UK Resettlement Scheme.

“We intend to work closely with the UK Government in the weeks ahead to facilitate accommodation and support arrangements for the most vulnerable Afghan people, and we look forward to welcoming them into our communities.”

The first minister said on Tuesday, August 17, that Wales should be a ‘nation of sanctuary’.

He said: “We want Wales to be a nation of sanctuary and we’ll do everything we can to support evacuations from Afghanistan. We’re working with the home office and councils on preparations to support those who need it.”

Andrew RT Davies MS, Welsh Conservative leader in the Senedd and a Vale councillor, said governments should “pull out all the stops” to help the most vulnerable.

He said: “The situation in Afghanistan is shocking and appalling, and the scenes will be incredibly hard for many in Wales and across the UK, especially those who served in our armed forces.

“We must now do everything we can to bring home British nationals from the country. Britain also has a moral obligation to support the fearless Afghan staff and their families, who served with our brave troops, over the past two decades.

“The images over the past few days have been desperately sad, and it’s imperative governments of all stripes pull out all the stops to help those most vulnerable in their hour of need.”

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