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Vale of Glamorgan Council publishes its Annual Delivery Plan 2021/22

THE Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Annual Delivery plan has set out the actions that will be undertaken over the next 12 months that will contribute to the long-term wellbeing objectives detailed in the council’s Corporate Plan.

The Council has a statutory duty to publish Well-being Objectives each year and set targets against these to drive improvements in areas that are important to us and to Vale residents.

The four wellbeing objectives identified are:

To work with and for communities; to support learning, employment, and sustainable economic growth; support people at home and in their community; and to respect, enhance and enjoy our environment.

The activities to deliver the Council’s Well-being Objectives for the year ahead are then published in Service Plans, which are the key mechanism for delivering our Corporate Plan and these are monitored quarterly.

Rob Thomas, Managing Director of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said:

‘The Annual Delivery Plan 2021-22 has been written at a time of great change. Last year we published a new Corporate Plan 2020-25 – Working Together for a Brighter Future. This Annual Delivery Plan details the actions we will take this year to contribute to the delivery of our Corporate Plan.

‘The Annual Delivery Plan reflects how services are changing, our Recovery Strategy and the work that is ongoing to respond to the pandemic. The Council continues to be ambitious in its plans for the future, we remain committed to the delivery of our Objectives and to achieving our vision of ‘strong communities with a bright future”





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