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Variation on planning application to increase size of garage approved

TWO applications to vary planning permission were brought to committee this week because they were made by relatives of councillors.

In Houghton, an application by Mr and Mrs Stephen Hall which would increase the size of a garage previously approved was agreed.

The proposed garage would be capable of accommodating two cars, a toilet/shower and a first floor workshop area.

The house design has also been amended and it will be moved to a different part of the site.

The application site is an individual plot which is part of a residential development of 15 dwellings at Ashmoor Gardens, the former Houghton Nursery.

Cllr Mark Carter moved approval, stating “it’s here because of who is making the application not for any other reason.”

Dick Pepper’s application to vary the full planning given on appeal for a single storey dwelling at the garden at the Lodge, Sladeway, Fishguard.

It would result in a finished floor level of  1.35 metres higher than previously approved.

Cllr Aaron Carey was told by planning officers that the original refusal in 2009 had been on over development grounds but this had been overturned by the planning inspectorate in 2010.

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