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Vets continue their professional development with Menter Moch Cymru

MENTER Moch Cymru is helping Welsh vets expand their pig health knowledge with a series of in-depth and hands-on training days.

Led by Menter Moch Cymru, working with the Wales Veterinary Science Centre (WVSC), Iechyd Da, and Animal Health Services – the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training schedule includes a mix of practical and lecture days.

A few weeks ago, vets travelled to Forest Coalpit Farm near Abergavenny for a practical day’s outdoor unit training in assessment methods for inspection of pigs, pig husbandry and management, handling, biosecurity, and sampling for health profiling.

They were taken on a tour of the award-winning farm, which raises its own breed of ‘Welsh Black’ pigs (a mixture of traditional Duroc and Large Black pigs).

The visit forms part of an intensive six-day programme of training taking place between May and September and delivered by specialist pig vet Dr Annie Davis of the George Veterinary Group, along with a host of expert guest speakers.

Menter Moch Cymru Project Manager, Melanie Cargill, said, “We’re delighted to be working once again with WVSC, Iechyd Da, and Animal Health Services to deliver pig-focused CPD courses for Welsh vets. 

“The courses allow vets to gain hands-on experience handling pigs, which will give them more in-depth knowledge and further assist them in the services they provide for their clients.” 

Menter Moch Cymru Development Officer, Lauren Smith, said, “This course was hugely popular when we ran it in 2019, and it’s great to see the enthusiasm there has been for the 2022 course. After two years of training being delivered online, it is wonderful to be able to return to face-to-face CPD.”

“The vet CPD day at Forest Coalpit Farm was a real success. It was a great opportunity for vets to improve their skills and increase their confidence in working with pigs. Following a previous practical day working with indoor pigs, the vets got to put their skills to the test at an outdoor farm and improve their knowledge of pig veterinary science.”

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