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Wales is worst affected area for parcel theft in UK according to new report

A wave of doorstep parcel theft is sweeping the UK, according to the first global report on parcel theft.
More than eight million parcels were lost or stolen between May 2021 and April 2022, with the UK having the largest increase in missing parcels compared to other countries. This has cost UK customers £320 million in missing goods.

The Penn Elcom Global Parcel Theft Report 2022, produced by YouGov, is the first ever study carried out to measure parcel theft and loss internationally. It reveals a staggering increase in the rates of parcel theft in the post-pandemic worldwide, as well as the impact this has had on the behaviours of the people affected.

Wales is the worst affected area for parcel theft in the UK – surpassing London rates
Parcel thefts in Wales four times higher than previous 12 months
One in ten people globally are now reluctant to shop online because of fear of theft
UK national increase of 5% parcels lost or stolen in previous 12 months – totalling 8 million parcels from May 2021 to April 2022
UK has largest increase of parcels stolen or lost compared to other countries, followed by Australia, Canada and then the United States and the UAE.

The Penn Elcom Parcel Theft Report also revealed that a staggering 32% of people surveyed in the UK have had a package lost or stolen in their lifetime, which amounts to 21.5 million parcels, with this expected to rise unless preventive measures are put in place. Full-time workers were noted to be the most at-risk group for incidents.

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