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Wales must “think big” to meet green energy demands

NEW figures show that the equivalent of half of Wales’ energy consumption was from renewable energy production in 2018.

Labour Assembly Member Eluned Morgan has also welcomed an increase in electricity generated from renewable sources up to 25% from 22% in the previous year.

Eluned, who before joining the National Assembly worked within the renewable energy sector understands the importance of green power to hitting Wales’ ambitious targets for clean energy production.

Commenting on the report, Eluned said: “As a small country, we have to think big when it comes to maximising our natural resources for the benefit of our economy and our environment.  Across the county and the world over, we have become aware of our own personal impact on the environment.

There is a huge opportunity in a Green Industrial Revolution to create jobs across Wales.  I am proud that as a Government, and following our declaration of a climate emergency we are continuing to support renewable energy projects. It is the right thing to do.”

The Energy Generation in Wales 2018 report showed Wales generated twice what it consumed in electricity last year, making Wales a significant exporter of electricity to England, Ireland and the wider European network.

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