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“AFTER much deep and careful thought” Powys and Wales’ only Green Party councillor has announced that she has joined Plaid Cymru.

Cllr Emily Durrant who represents Llangors, confirmed on Monday (November 1) that she has joined Plaid Cymru.

Back in May Cllr Durrant stood for the Green party as their Senedd election candidate in both Brecon and Radnorshire and the Mid Wales regional list.

Cllr Durrant said: “Changing party is not an easy decision, and it has come after much deep and careful thought.

“But it has become clear to me that social and environmental justice will never be achieved whilst we are ultimately governed by Westminster.

“Climate change and nature loss is the greatest challenge facing future generations.

“But, with full control over our own resources, trade and infrastructure Wales would be better equipped to contribute to the global fight against climate change – unlocking Wales’ green potential at the same time.

“I want to be a member of a party that places the pursuit for independence as its top priority.

“A party that empowers local people and their communities.

“A party that puts tackling the climate and nature emergencies front and centre.

“A party that will work towards securing a sustainable future for the benefit of all.

“That’s why I have joined Plaid Cymru.”

Her decision was welcomed by Plaid Cymru group leader on Powys Council Elwyn Vaughan and Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price.

Cllr Elwyn Vaughan said: “I am thrilled to welcome Emily to Plaid Cymru and to the group.

“Emily brings with her a wealth of experience which will be invaluable as we work together towards tackling the climate emergency, laying the foundations of a socially just independent Wales, and creating a sustainable future for our nation and our planet.

“I have been impressed by Emily’s commitment to the causes she champions, and I couldn’t be happier that she has found a new home with Plaid Cymru.

Plaid Cymru’s national leader Adam Price MS said: “Emily is a hugely respected and hard-working Councillor and I know she will make a significant contribution to the work of our party.

“Her decision reflects the broad appeal of Plaid Cymru and in the week of COP 26 it is a powerful endorsement of the party’s commitment to tackling the climate emergency.”

This means that Plaid Cymru group in Powys are now up to three councillors.

During the early part of the current council administration Cllr Durrant formed an alliance with Plaid Cymru and was part of a joint Plaid Cymru – Green group.

She left in 2018, to join up with the Liberal Democrats to form a Liberal Democrat – Green group.

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