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Warning to residents selling on digital marketplaces

RESIDENTS are being warned to avoid selling items via digital marketplaces that require face-to-face contact during the coronavirus outbreak.

The council’s Trading Standards team is aware of several local ‘buy and sell’ pages where individuals are still advertising items for sale, requiring the buyer and seller to meet in person.

This is despite people being told to avoid all but essential travel and to follow social distancing guidelines.

Officers are advising people not to sell goods online at this time due to the public health risks in relation to coronavirus COVID-19.

Executive Board Member for Public Protection Cllr Philip Hughes said: “We are still seeing active listings on these digital marketplaces which is very worrying indeed.

“It means that people could be breaking lockdown restrictions by trading in-person and potentially helping the spread of the coronavirus.

“This kind of behaviour is extremely reckless, please follow Government guidance and stay at home except for essential journeys only to pick up food, for health reasons or if you are a critical worker to go to work.”

Full guidance on staying at home and away from others can be found on the Welsh Government website https://gov.wales/staying-home-and-away-others-guidance

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