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Welsh Ambulance Service to host first virtual Board meeting

THE Welsh Ambulance Service will host its first virtual public Board meeting next week.

The meeting is on Thursday 28 May from 9.30am-2.30pm; click here to join it.

Alternatively, head to the Zoom website and click ‘Join a Meeting’ with meeting ID 700 441 713 and password 444333.

The Trust’s Executive Team and Non-Executive Directors will convene for their bi-monthly public Board meeting via Zoom in an organisational first.

Members of the public and stakeholders are also invited to attend via the video conferencing platform.

Estelle Hitchon, the Trust’s Director of Partnerships and Engagement, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic means we have to work differently, harnessing technology to continue to make our Board meetings as accessible to people as possible.

“We’ve been developing our approach to Board engagement for a number of years, and were adamant that we wanted to maintain the Board’s connection with communities even during this pandemic, when transparency in decision-making and governance are arguably even more crucial.

“Joining us at this digital meeting of our Board is a great opportunity to learn not just about our response to the Coronavirus pandemic, but about our direction of travel as a service and the issues at the top of our organisational agenda.

“It’s also a unique opportunity to meet our Board members, albeit virtually.”

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