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Welsh Government apologises for Twitter post causing confusion over vaccination priority

THE Welsh Government has apologised following a post on Twitter, which caused confusion over Covid-19 vaccinations. The news will not be welcomed by the First Minister Mark Drakeford who was questioned over issues of clarity by journalists on Friday.

The original post stated: “We’re extending the coronavirus vaccine to all staff working in special schools and to school college staff who are at high risk from the virus.”

The update stated: “We’d like to clarify an earlier post with apologies for any misunderstanding caused.

“We’re extending the coronavirus vaccine to all staff providing intimate personal care for learners with complex medical needs in special schools, schools and colleges.”

The post was met with some anger and frustration from people on Twitter who also sought clarification.

Natalie @hoppo_1982 wrote: “Back peddling. Your previous post mentioned those who teach in schools/colleges who are of high risk groups….are they no longer a priority then?”

@summer644276686 commented: “It’s really going to get ugly, as everyone is at risk. Staff, teachers, pupils, their families and communities. We all need protection. We should not let our foot off the pedal until all in society are vaccinated. It’s not a quick fix. We all need this vaccine until we’re safe.”

Some questioned the logic commenting: “Flying start settings, 3+ settings open as usual carrying out personal care on children? Have you forgotten that you have told them they have to stay open? Caring for children on a sessional basis not full day care for working parents.” @fairyhead32

@Gravy74Mills made reference for the need to vaccinate vulnerable children commenting: “Transmission despite the vaccination is yet to be proved. These workers could still pass on the virus to vulnerable children. Why not vaccinate children who are clinically vulnerable, that way, we really will be protecting them!”

@BeckiCanberra expressed her disappointment commenting: “How very disappointing You are vaccinating people who have worked from home and not been face to face with students since March and are expecting staff in special EBD schools to go in, day to day, with no vaccine. Please explain.”

@ODENZ527 sought clarification on vaccination for frontline workers asking: “Can you please provide clear instructions on how frontline workers can book themselves an appointment for the vaccine. I spent hours today going back and forth between health boards and Public Health Wales with nobody actually able to help?!”

@mazj_uk was not impressed either commenting: “Somebody at public health Wales actually told me “no information has been provided to us by the government for vaccination appointments”! And then when speaking to health boards they’re directing me back to PHW! Shambolic communication from top to bottom.”

@FJ731 asked: “Will you include the thousands of childminders who provide intimate care day in day out for children in our homes, many who are children of frontline nhs workers, we put our whole families at risk. You labelled us ‘social care workers’ during 1st lockdown but not now for vaccine??”

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