April 21, 2021

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Welsh Government fund electric vans for Pembrokeshire National Park

ANOTHER five electric vans will be bought by the National Park after £46,000 towards them from capital receipts is approved.

Grant funding of £13,000 per van, costing £26,200 each, is available from the Welsh Government Energy Service.

The committee heard that two vans were already on order and the additional vehicles would mean around 25 per cent of the authority’s fleet would move to electric, with an expectation that more would be ordered later in the year.

Dr Madeleine Havard said it was a “very positive move” and the authority must “take the opportunity to upgrade our fleet and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Caution was expressed by Cllr Michael Williams who supported it “reluctantly” warning it could be “short-sighted” with developments in hydrogen power potentially a more sustainable option.

Capital grant funding from Cardiff allowed the replacement of three diesel fuelled pool cars with petrol hybrid vehicles in 2020/21 and two electric vans, with £20,000 left over to go towards the extra five.

The committee approved the allocation of £46,000 to cover the shortfall in the total cost from the capital receipts reserve at its meeting on March 24.

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