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Welsh Government publishes its draft National Transport Delivery Plan


THE Welsh Government has recently published its draft National Transport Delivery Plan (NTDP) setting out how the Welsh Government will deliver against the priorities and ambitions outlined in Llwybr Newydd – The Wales Transport Strategy 2021 (WTS).

The plan’s vision is for an accessible, sustainable and efficient transport system and includes the programmes, projects and new policies that are intended to be delivered over the next five years.

The draft plan is out for public consultation that will close on October 11 2022.

The NTDP emphasises that delivery of the plan has social, economic, environmental and cultural implications for people in Wales. Also that delivering the 2021 Transport Strategy will be closely aligned with the Programme for Government, Net Zero Wales and links to other government policies such as regeneration and tackling poverty.

The priorities highlighted are :

Priority 1: bring services to people in order to reduce the need to travel.

Priority 2: allow people and goods to move easily from door to door by accessible, sustainable and efficient transport services and infrastructure.

Priority 3: encourage people to make the change to more sustainable transport.

The National Transport Delivery Plan has four sections:

Strategic Context – how the document links to the Wales Transport Strategy and other relevant plans and policies;

Turning Strategy to Action – How the WTS will be implement by working in partnership, allocating funding, supporting projects and programmes, governance and monitoring;

Key Priorities – A headline overview delivering against the three 5-year priorities; and

Modes and Sectors – what will be delivered including specific policies, programmes and projects.

In the forward to the report Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Climate Change writes:

“Alongside climate change, social justice and equality are major priorities for this Welsh Government and this plan seeks to deliver on all three. When we developed the Llwybr Newydd it was clear from the many conversations and engagement sessions, that people right across Wales wanted a transport system that was affordable, reliable, easy to use and accessible to all. This plan shows how we will better integrate journeys across different modes of transport, provide better more reliable and attractive public transport services, make tickets less complicated, and ensure people feel safe whilst travelling.

This adds up to a more accessible, more sustainable and more efficient transport system. This is good for individuals, good for communities, good for the environment, good for the economy and will help support economic wellbeing through thriving towns, cities and villages and Welsh language and culture.”

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