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Welsh Government response to the latest NHS Wales performance data

IN response to the latest NHS Wales performance data a Welsh Government spokesperson said: “The latest data shows the pressure on emergency care services is growing beyond pre-pandemic levels and putting a huge strain on NHS staff. We urge people to think carefully about what the right choice of care is for their condition – this may not necessarily be their GP or local emergency department. To get the right care, first time people can use the 111 service and their local pharmacist where appropriate.

“In June, more calls were made to the ambulance service than in any month since the pandemic started – one in 13 calls were life-threatening, red calls, the highest proportion on record. Last month was also the second busiest on record for attendances to emergency departments.

“Today, the Health Minister has set out plans to improve urgent and emergency care and help people access the right care, in the right place. These plans are supported by an extra £25m a year and will help improve patient outcomes and staff experience, as well as relieving pressure on the NHS. We will work with health boards to accelerate delivery of these plans ahead of winter.

“We welcome the improved performance against the 62-day cancer target. However, waiting lists for planned treatment continue to grow as the service deals with the impact of the pandemic. Our recovery plans, backed by immediate and initial funding of £100m, are in place and we continue to work closely with NHS Wales.

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