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Welsh Government “scandalously dragged its feet” on Clean Air Plan say Plaid Cymru

IN response to the Welsh Government’s announcement on their Clean Air Plan, Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for the Environment Llyr Gruffydd MS said,

“This plan should have been introduced years ago. It’s scandalous that the Welsh Government has dragged its feet for so long, knowing that air pollution is causing an additional 1,400 deaths with every year that passes. Just as with plastic pollution Labour has talked a good game for many years but nothing has actually changed.

“We now need to see concrete action. Plaid Cymru will support any steps that will make a positive difference to people’s health and if Labour is serious about making the necessary changes then we will work with them to that end.

“It’s hugely disappointing that Labour also now admit they will fail to introduce a Clean Air Act in this Senedd. Plaid Cymru has been calling for an act since early in the last decade and it was a manifesto commitment of ours back in 2016. A plan without legislative clout isn’t ideal and Labour’s dithering now means were unlikely to see any legislation until at least 2022.”

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