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FOLLOWING  the Prime Minister’s press conference in which he set out a series of announcements relating to England, a Welsh Government spokesperson said:

“The Education Minister today announced today Wales’ schools will be closed for at least four weeks by Friday and this year’s school exams have been cancelled.

“We are working quickly to repurpose our schools so that, from Monday, they are open to support our most vulnerable children and the children of workers involved in the immediate response to the outbreak.

“We will continue to ensure the Welsh NHS has the resources it needs to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

“We support the regulatory changes being made at a UK level which will help us expand the health and social care workforce in Wales at this critical time and are working closely with the professional regulators and UK Government on plans to ask recently retired workers to return to work.

“We are rolling out coronavirus testing to healthcare workers involved in frontline patient facing clinical care throughout Wales.”

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