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A WELSH language plaque has been unveiled in Dylan Thomas’ Birthplace, in the Uplands Swansea. Former Archdruid of Wales, T. James Jones unveiled the plaque, having suggested the idea in the first place. Over the years he has translated many of Dylan’s works into Welsh.

A crowd of some 50 people attended the event.

Speaking at the event T James Jones said:

‘I believe that by placing a Welsh plaque side by side with the English one will be a way of emphasising the innate Welshness that penetrates through his creativity.’

Pupils from Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bryn Tawe read T. James Jones’ translation of Dylan’s The Hunchback in the Park as well as extracts from his translation of Under Milk Wood.

Alun Gibbard referred to the fact that Dylan Thomas hasn’t always had a fair hearing in the Welsh speaking community over the years but trusts that event such as the one held will start to redress that.

The event was led by Geoff Haden who renovated and restored the house to the Edwardian style it’s in today, and author and broadcaster Alun Gibbard who works with Geoff at the house.

Dylan Thomas was born in 5 Cwmdonkin Drive and lived there for 23 years, writing most of his work in his tiny bedroom.

Over the last decade or so Dylan’s birthplace has become a centre of attraction to people from across the world.

The inscription on the Welsh plaque features the name chosen by Dylan’s father, ‘Glan-rhyd – the name of the farm in Carmarthenshire where a close relative the preacher and poet Gwilym Marles lived. It was interesting to hear James Jones talking of the life of Gwilym Marles – a radical in his day.



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