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Welsh Lib Dem Leader Jane Dodds says Welsh Government is failing to ensure homeowners take urgent action to make their buildings safe

RESPONDING to the announcement by the Welsh Government that people with cladding on their homes in Wales could get free financial advice, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS said:

“This announcement will help a very small number of people and continues to let property developers off the hook. Homeowners must see urgent action to make their buildings safe and the Welsh Government is still failing to do that.

“We have been campaigning on this issue for so long now and unfortunately it has become quite clear that there has been a lack of active engagement and communication with homeowners by Welsh Labour that has exacerbated the frustration that people feel with the situation.

“We cannot continue to have people living in unsafe buildings across Wales going to bed every night fearing for their safety. The longer this continues the greater the bills that sit on people’s kitchen tables are, bills the Welsh Government has stated cannot be recouped by homeowners.

“Labour need to stop shielding property developers and focus on delivering the urgent remediation work needed to make their buildings safe.”

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