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Welsh Lib Dems call for more electric vehicle charging points

WELSH Liberal Democrats have this week called on both the Welsh Government and local councils to work together along with industry to ensure Wales is not left behind in the roll-out of electric vehicle charging points.

Sales of electric vehicles grew by over 130% in the year to May 2020, with sales expected to grow further in the coming years.

Consultancy Capital Economics last year estimated that the UK will need 25.3m charge points by 2050 if we are to hit the legislated target of net zero carbon emissions.

This news coupled with a report from the Senedd’s Economy Infrastructure and Skills Committee could indicate that Wales has the potential to fall behind in our bid to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds said:

“The lack of charging points is clearly as issue for people all over Wales.

“Many homes, especially those in built up urban areas where on road parking is common, will be unable or reluctant to consider an electric vehicle as home charging is not practical.

“Similarly, there are large swathes of rural mid Wales where there are no charging points, which will limit the appeal of these vehicles if they can only be charged at home.

“I want the Welsh Government to work constructively with local councils and industry in the years ahead to plan and deliver a network of charging points to truly enable Wales to embrace the electric vehicle revolution.”

Welsh Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson Rodney Berman added:

“It’s clear that the government cannot achieve the necessary increases alone. A Senedd report published last year recommend that the Welsh Government should be proactively working with local authorities to increase the uptake.

“The UK Government is providing significant funding for individuals and businesses to install EV charging points. However, it is paramount that the Welsh Government makes it a priority to encourage more take up in order to coordinate the introduction of a Wales-wide network of public charging points and ensure Wales doesn’t lag behind other parts of the UK. We also need to look at how more public charging points could be installed where it is not practical for people to install their own.

“If Wales is to become a carbon neutral nation by 2050 the widespread roll-out of electric vehicles for both private and public transport is a must, but it also needs to happen much more quickly than is currently the case.”


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