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Welsh Lib Dems call to help under 25’s with rail fare increase

Responding to a rail fare increase of 3.8% in Wales due on Tuesday, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds has called for greater help for the under 25’s stating:

“The annual approved hike in rail fares hasn’t been justifiable for years, but this one will be particularly hard to stomach for young people feeling the pinch of the worst cost-of-living crisis in a generation.

“Passenger numbers have not recovered to pre-Covid levels and this contempt for commuters risks driving them away from our railways.

“We are continuing to call on the Welsh Government to introduce free public transport for all under 25s that will not only help young people survive the cost of living crisis and boost social mobility, but also help fight climate change.

“We want to ensure that nobody in Wales faces barriers to accessing key public services, getting the job they want, or in chasing the opportunities they deserve and affordable and accessible transport represents a key part of breaking down these barriers. This policy would help do that.

“The cost-of-living crisis is hitting young people in Wales particularly hard, with most forced to work for lower wages.”


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