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Welsh Lib dems say ‘more needed to ensure a quicker and smoother vaccine roll out

MORE resources and better planning are urgently needed to ensure a quicker and fairer roll out of the Covid vaccination Welsh Liberal Democrats have said.

Responding to the news of long queues for vaccines in Betsi Cadwaladr and cancelations of appointments in Aneurin Bevan Health Board, Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds has demanded that the Welsh Government establish a task force to ensure better consistency and an efficient roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine across Wales.

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds said:

“We urgently need the Welsh Government to put in place a task-force to drive forward the delivery of the vaccination roll-out, rather than just leaving it to individual health boards.

“Additional capacity needs to be brought in to ensure it is given appropriate priority and that there is consistency where possible across Wales to ensure fair and equitable access.

“The Welsh Government must also publish its timescale for vaccinating the majority of the population and release clear targets and data on how many vaccines are given out by each health board to each priority group – so we can measure this against the targets.”

87-year old Douglas Edwards from Abergavenny explained how he attended his local surgery this week for his annual check up and required the possibility of a vaccine:
“I had to attend my local surgery in Abergavenny for my annual check-up. As I am now 87 years old I queried the possibility of a vaccination and when this was likely to be rolled out to me.

“I was told that some information had been received by the surgery but no positive instructions and no date either. With so much publicity and my age group being almost at the front of the queue, I had hoped to receive an appointment.”

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