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Welsh Lib Dems welcome PISA results

PUBLISHED today, Tuesday (Dec 3), the PISA results show that Wales is the only UK nation that has improved in all three subjects (Reading, Science, and Maths).

Pisa tests are taken by 15-year-olds in dozens of countries and economies across the world. Historically Wales has performed poorly, but the results today show that Wales has caught up the international average in all subjects for first time.

Jane Dodds, said:

“Today’s results are the best ever for Wales in reading and maths and it is the first time Wales has improved in all three subjects. That shows the difference the Welsh Liberal Democrats can make.

“Whether it is reducing class sizes, providing additional funding for disadvantaged pupils, or delivering the single biggest ever investment in our teachers, Kirsty Williams and Welsh Liberal Democrat policies are delivering for our schools.

“This is a long way to go, but it is pleasing to see that Wales has caught up the international average in all subjects. Our teachers and pupils across Wales deserve a lot of credit and the results today are a testament to their hard work.”

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