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Welsh Liberal Democrat leader welcomes Alun Cairns resignation

THE Welsh Liberal Democrats have urged Alun Cairns not to stand as a candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan following his resignation as Secretary of State for Wales.

Alun Cairns’ resignation follows revelations he was aware that former aide and Assembly Vale of Glamorgan candidate Ross England deliberately sabotaged a rape trial; despite assurances to the contrary.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds commented:

“I welcome Alun Cairns’ resignation as it is clear he is not fit to represent Wales. These recent events show he is not fit to represent the Vale of Glamorgan in Westminster either.

“There must now be a full independent investigation to determine what people knew, when they knew it and how Mr England was able to be selected as a candidate despite his actions.

“This whole situation is a damming indictment of the entire leadership of the Welsh Conservatives. The way they have tried to turn a blind eye to the case is outrageous.

“Both Mr England and Mr Cairns should now both immediately stand down as Conservative candidates and offer a full apology to the victim.”

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