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Welsh Liberal Democrat respond to Plaid’s independence call

RESPONDING to Adam Price’s speech on Welsh independence today and the timescale on which a hypothetical Plaid Cymru government would aim to deliver independence over, Welsh Liberal Democrat Political and Constitutional Reform spokesperson Cadan ap Tomos said:

“The last four years of Brexit has shown clearly just how vital it is to keep close ties with our nearest neighbours. The same arguments that Plaid have used in the past in favour of staying in the EU apply just as much to continuing our relationships in the UK.

“But that doesn’t mean that we should defend the status quo. The current Union does not work well enough for Wales. That’s why Liberal Democrats want a new, federal union for our four nations – one based on an equal partnership and respect for each other.

“Don’t believe those trying to paint this as a binary choice between independence and same old, same old. The best future for Wales is within a new UK – we just need the courage to fight for it.”

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