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Welsh Liberal Democrats question judgment of Plaid candidate following offensive billboard in Wrexham

WELSH Liberal Democrats have reacted with anger following the recent unveiling of a billboard to promote the Plaid Cymru campaign in Wrexham stating “Don’t want a Tory for a neighbour? Vote Plaid Cymru not Labour.”

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have expressed their shock and anger that not only would Plaid Cymru would allow such a slogan to be used but that their candidate and several supporters have chosen to tweet and retweet photographs of it.

Tim Sly, Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate in Wrexham said:

“Slogans like this are horrible, divisive and have no place in politics and those responsible for writing and sharing this slogan should be ashamed. Serious questions also need to be asked about the judgement of those who chose this slogan and their suitability to stand for office

“After the suffering that people and businesses in Wrexham have gone through in the last year, serious politicians should be looking for ways to bring our community together, not divide it!”

Leena Sarah Farhat, Welsh Liberal Democrat Candidate in neighbouring Clwyd South added:

“Many people passing though Wrexham will see this advert and be deeply offended. I am working to make Welsh politics the best it can be here in North East Wales and this unacceptable behaviour by the Plaid Cymru campaign is hurtful to minority communities in Wrexham and across our region.

“We are a diverse region and instead of preaching a politics of division we need to come together to put recovery first as we move out of this pandemic. Plaid Cymru and Carrie Harper should issue a public apology and take this message down”.

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